Mangrove Pit Viper vs. Caterpillar

Last Saturday (30 March 2009)night, went to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve for a night survey on Spiders. Because of raining, we were taking shelter at the Main Hide. Many of terrestrial animals "followed" us to take a shelter, including a mangrove pit viper and few caterpillars. One of the caterpillar was dropping on the back of the snake from the wooden wall when I was shooting the Pit Viper, and caused the snake to react badly. I was shock when I saw this through the camera and the snake, all of a sudden, shaking his head strongly and that cause me almost to drop my camera... :huh what: :shocked: :shocked: Ha!ha! I retreated myself in a safer distance and continue to record this interesting interaction. Eventually, the caterpillar managed to stay on the Pit Viper for about 10 minutes and them moved herself away peacefully. :nyah nyah:

Quite danger indeed. Should try to keep a safer distance...but somehow too greedy to get a closeup. According to the guidebook "the Amphibians & Reptiles of Singapore", "It (Mangrove Pit Viper) is usually rather bad tempered and will not hesitate to strike if approached too closely". I will think twice next time for such a "good opportunity"! :?

1. NK D200, FL 90mm, 1.4xTC, 1/60sec-F/25, Manual, First Curtain flashes at -2.3ev, and -2.0ev, handheld, with ground support, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 30 Mar 2009;

2. F/11, flashes at o, and -1.7;

3. F/18, flashes at -1.3ev, and -1.0ev;

4. F/16, both flashes at -0.3ev.