Terrestrial recce, Pulau Semakau, Singapore, 4th August 2007

Much has been known for Semakau's intertidal fauna and flora through the joint efforts by various parties, which concern about the biodiversity of the landfill island in the recent years, species of the terrestrial component are rarely reported. Species list of forest plants and birds have been listed, while that of invertebrates and other mammals almost remains unknown. As an attempt to fill this gap, Hung Kei, Hung Bun and myself form a volunteer survey team to recce the site, and to conduct a "quick and dirty" first hand data collection.

Starting point of the forest trail

To access coral reef beach of the island, everyone has to pass a forest trail. For those have been there, the density and the strength of mosquito bite are surely the unforgetable experiences. In many a time, people will just covered themselves with whatever means, or/and running through it so as to get less bites. But for us, we are aiming to survey this place, back and forth slowly looking for various kinds of insect and spiders. Those mosquitoes were happily enjoying their unexpected food source.

The recce trip is rewarded quite well with a list of of spider species, and some of insects which have been spotted....

Species list of spiders

1.Argiope cf perforata
2.Cyrtophora unicolor
3.Tylorida striata
4.Achaearanea mundula
5.Achaearanea t-notata
6. Theridon sp (green)
7.Scytodes fusca
8.Oxyopes birmanicus
9.Tapponia sp
10.Pardosa sp
11.Epeus flavobilineatus
12.Thiania bhamoensis
13.Thorelliola ensifera
14.Cocalus murinus
15.Myrmarachne maxillosa
16.?Thianitara sp
17. sp1 (dog-faced jumper)
18. sp2 (long-tailed jumper)
19.Desis cf martensi
20.Clubiona sp1
21.Clubiona sp2 (elongated abdomen)
22.Clubiona sp3 (rounded abdomen, green)
23.Thomisus sp
24.Tmarus pulchripes
25.Amyciaea lineatipes
26.Thelccticopis sp

List of Insects

Leave beetle
Paired beetles
Black fly
Red-eyed fly
Micropezid fly
Weaver ants
Twig wilters
Leaf beetle
Common Grass Yellow Butterfly
Two species of Long legged fly
Two small moths
Squash bug and nymph
Praying mantis
Plataspid bug




Koh, K. H. 1989. A guide to common Singapore Spiders. Singapore Science Centre, Singapore, pp 1-160.

Murphy, F. & J. Murphy, 2000. An introduction to the spiders of South East Asia, with notes on all the genera. Malaysian Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pp 1-625, plates. 1-32.


Anonymous said...

This is Tang. Here are a few more species to add to the list seen on P Semakau on 4 August 2007:

Leaf beetle
Common Grass Yellow Butterfly
Two species of Long legged fly
Two small moths
Squash bug and nymph
Praying mantis
Plataspid bug

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